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Sue, Ashley Heath

I didn't once imagine that my favourite shop would ever be... a wool shop... Clothes, shoes, make up, yes, but never a wool shop. As soon as I stepped through the door into an explosion of fabulous colours I wanted them all. Since that day I've done the beginners and intermediate crochet courses & now  I'm learning how to knit  socks. I have a  list of potential projects as long as my arm and ponder over the colours like a child in a sweet shop. 

Ali and Sandra are fabulous, patient teachers who just give us all the enthusiasm to jump in & give it a go even if we're not sure what we're doing. 

The classes are fun & it doesn't matter how fast or slow you are at learning, it's the journey that matters. The knit/crochet coffee mornings are helpful if you have a project & need help with it or we just chat, drink coffee & laugh a lot... Unwind.... My favourite place... 

Rachel, Verwood

I took the beginners and intermediate crochet classes and found them to be fun and relaxing.
Ali and Sandra are welcoming and friendly and very patient if struggling with a particular stitch. Nothing is too much trouble!

Crochet itself I’ve found to be really mindful, not being able to think about anything else whilst doing it which has helped to reduce symptoms of stress.
I suffer with Rheumatoid arthritis and I’ve found crochet has helped to reduce the stiffness in my hands.

Sandy, Verwood

I’ve always fancied learning to crochet, and jumped at the chance when a beginners class was advertised. I’ve gone on to do the six week intermediate course which was also fantastic and I can confidently crochet all sorts of different stitches. Sandra and Ali are so friendly and patient and I’ve absolutely loved my two hour lessons with them and the other keen crocheters I’ve met in the process.

Jackie, Verwood

Never having been interested in knitting or crochet, I happened to pass the Unwind shop one day.  I noticed the interior was full of wonderful colours and lots of wool.  Curious, I stepped inside.

Speaking to both Ali and Sandra, I felt immediately welcome and at ease.  Since that day I have completed the beginner and intermediate course.  I have also found new friends, a place to meet and get help with my crochet projects.

Both Sandra and Ali have endless patience and I am so pleased that I stepped inside the shop that day.

Thank you Ali and Sandra!

Lynne, Verwood

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the Beginners Crochet class followed by the Intermediate Class.  I really struggled to hold the hook and the yarn at the first class and caused some hilarity with the ‘cat’s cradle’ of yarn round my hand.  Who would have believed then what I would have achieved in just a few weeks.  Granny squares that were good enough to make a handbag to use at a wedding where it was admired.  Other guests were amazed that I had made this as my first crochet project and, frankly, so was I!  The second project at the intermediate class taught me so many different types of stitches that I wouldn’t have believed possible to do, having always been a knitter before this.


I’m now tackling sock knitting which is a different but equally interesting and fun challenge.  I wonder what I’ll do next.  I might just have to look at the fantastic yarns available in the shop and see what inspires me.


I want to thank you both for your patience and good humour and for making the sessions such fun.  Nothing is too much trouble for the two of you and I’m so glad I have got to know you both.  I wish you every success with Unwind. We’re really lucky to have this in Verwood.

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